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VOL I    NO. 5
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A Landmark Year  

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Gender Sensitivity  
"Sexism, Inclusiveness, Queers, Baklas, Tomboys"

August 1999 This Month's Articles: 
First Pink Film Festival  
Nick DeOcampo Presents World Film Classics 

LAGABLAB Forges Ahead  

Rev. Edgar Mendoza  
First Filipino MCC Minister 

Mass Wedding  
5000 To Marry In Same-Sex Ritual 

Butterfly Blue Bar  
Hosts Teehankee's Men  


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A Landmark Year 

     Year 1999 proved to be a landmark year for Filipino gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgendered.  five years after the first Gay and Lesbian Pride celebration in the country, Filipino homosexuals have bonded themselves together to form the first proactive legislative lobby group aptly named LAGABLAB, of which network this publication is a proud member. 
     Early this year, a group of dedicated gays and lesbians sat down to plan the first issue of ManilaOUT, of which this issue is the fifth.  ManilaOUT is definitely not the first homosexually-oriented publication in the country, but it is positioned first in the advocacy of the collective,political, economic, and spiritual interest of the Filipino homosexual subnation.  That should suggest that by the end of this passing millenium, the leaders of this community of seven million have begun to avail themselves of the legal, expressive, and other inherent rights of all creatures of the one True Compassionate God.  Well, those rights already enjoyed by the 63 million heterosexual Filipinos. 
     There were other significant milestones in 1999: the filrst Filipino minister of the lesbay-friendly Metropolitan Community Church, Edgar Mendoza, was ordained last July.   
     This August, Filipino moviegoesrs for the first time in the nation's history are being treated to a "pink" film festival -- right at the heart of Manila's financial district in Makati.  We can rightly say that this millenium won't be closing without more enlightened Filipinos knowing that like them, homosexuals are deserving sons and daughters of God, with their own share of virtues and defects just like anyone else.  For so many years, we had been the object of ridicule in Tagalog and Hollywood movies. 
   Our story on page 22 about the photo art exhibit of Raul Teehankee also shows we have many other talented members of our ocmmunity to whome we can point with pride.   
     And the list of people coming out to proclaim their God-given identity is getting longer, not just abroad but in the Philippines as well.  This issue we are proud to announce that one such man - Bernardo Bernardo - is a model for the community: not just because he is a man whose accomplishment in his chosen profession has merited national respect. 
     The gay and lesbian community will be proud of Bernardo Bernardo for his example.  He has shown that coming out is a virtue the great majority of our fellow Filipinos will reward - not just with respect and recognition, but with admiration, to cap it all.  
     We in ManilaOUT take this opportunity to express our pride in having Bernardo Bernardo as a new pillar for this publication - after having joined this magazine's Board as vice president.  Our article on this Actor's Actor in this issue explains why we will be always proud of Filipinos who have worked hard to rightfully become proud of what they have accomplished.  

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